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“Seminars” come in many shapes and sizes. I have FOUR main seminars that I do all over the country and each of them is expandable or compressable. 

  • Dinner Seminar – this is a free dinner, educational, seminar that I do for people in Colorado, mainly, to give them the information on how to wrap a safety net around their retirement savings. You can always sign up for these on my other site –  I will also do this seminar for individual groups, no charge.
  • Motivation and Inspirational Seminars – I do these for groups and corporations. These are ‘subject’ specific for numerous occasions. If you have been to a Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, or Tony Robbins seminar, one or two days, or one or two hours, you get the idea.
  • Unlocking The Financial Keys of Scripture – This seminar is a three hour seminar that I do for Churches all over America at no cost to the Church or the people. I pay transportation, lodging, and all material costs. This one works best on Saturday mornings, 9 to noon in the Church Fellowship Hall. Or I will rent a hotel ball room to bring several churches together. Built around three premises:
    • Money – who’s is it?
    • Money – who should have it?
    • Money – what should we do with it?

            This  seminar is based solely on the Bible and covers Lending, Borrowing, Investing,        Stewardship, Gambling, Interest, etc.

  • I do a specific training series for people in Financial Services

Of all of the above, the only Seminars I charge for are the Motivational and Inspirational Seminar and the Financial Services Specific training seminar.
Call me for specifics. I NEVER charge for my Church Seminar or my FREE Dinner Seminars.

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